You need: Mac OS X or Windows , concept 2 ergometer with PM3/PM4 or PM5 monitor and the Ergometer Data server which can be downloaded from the download menu. The web app works best in chrome.

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Version: 1.0


The web application works for the Concept 2 PM3/PM4 Ergometer. The application has an online and an offline mode. In off line mode you can see all the ergometer data in widgets which you can position on the screen. In online mode the you connect row together with other people which are connected using the same application.
(Why is it developed? It was developed to try out new web technologies and hopefully using an ergometer will become more fun.)


Tijmen van Gulik
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To be able to connect to the ergometer the web application needs a native application on your machine which publishes the ergometer data to the web browser. Please download and install this software on your machine.


The downloaded server application can manage multiple ergometers. Multiple web clients can connect to a single ergometer. Please keep in mind that when you start the server any one within the network and any website running in your browser can read information from your ergometer.
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